Magento Development

Business management has never been easy, but with the help of e-commerce platforms such as Magento everything will be put into place. Since Magento environment is normally associated with an extensive service effort, your business processes will be reconciled with its wide scope of features and options. And having many years of experience in developing Magento web-based applications and websites, we can surely give you efficient, cost-effective and timely solutions as well as support services. We provide development such as creating a new Magento shop or even adapting or optimizing existing Magento shops. We also cater project management to look after your business activities and tasks, and quality assurance to maintain the desired level of standards of your products.


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taxes, shipping, payment systems, extensions, discounts


template installation, extensions, WaWi / ERP connections


template creation, template customizations, template extensions


trusted shops, speed, disk space


search engine optimization, campaign, marketing

We act as Magento freelancers to our customers that are from different kinds of industries in small and medium enterprises such as distributors, agencies, whole salers and online shop owners. We serve our clients with enthusiasm and devotion because service entities has always been our fascination and through that we build good relationship and rapport to our clients.


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Magento Extentions and Modular Solutions from our Portfolio


  • Address check, address validation, address checking, address verification, address completion, global address checking, packing station checker
  • Dropshipment, supplier connection, direct supplier order, order export overview
  • SEPA mandates, SEPA Mandate upload
  • PDF documents, PDF templates, PDF template editor
  • SEO URL intelligence, removal of product URLs from the Monster DB table core_url_rewrite
  • Search Results Sorting Manager, Combining Search Results Sorting Attributes (eg. Price and Availability)
  • Customer group function management, activation of various functions for specific customer groups (eg payment methods, shipping methods, discounts, ...)
  • Invoice configurator, own invoice numbers
  • Upload delivery
  • Customer address optimization, Magento with many customer addresses
  • Address lists in address book and checkout customer request system, customer functions activation, functions that are first requested and then released by you
  • Tires, rims, complete wheels Configurator for cars, light trucks, trucks and machinery
  • Data imports